The amazing world of diamonds from MonRêve

Antwerp is the key global centre in the field of diamond delivery and of making brilliant-cut diamonds as well as financing their production. We select the best diamonds in the world for MonRêve jewelry. A diamond is a breathtaking present, an exquisite courtesy which shows immaculate taste, a symbol of high status and the wisest financial investment at all times.
Diamonds from MonRêve are the diamonds of any carat weight, shape, gem-cutting, purity and colour that have the certificates from the most respected, titled, international laboratories, such as, for example, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI), as well as the highest jewelry quality standards and the best prices.

Specialists from all over the world evaluate diamonds by four main parameters (4 Cs):

  • The first «С» – carat weight
  • The second «С» – color
  • The third «С» – clarity
  • The fourth «С» – cut.

The specifications of the quality of the cut affect the aspects of the appearance of the diamond:  shine, luminescence, and scintillation. Good cut gives the diamond its unique famous shine, as if the light is coming from the heart of the stone, and creates the amazing effects of light. The cut is evaluated by the specifications inherent in the shape of the diamond, the quality of the cut and the final finishing.

Different systems of evaluation of diamonds are used globally. The most popular is the evaluation system that has been developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and experts from all over the world are familiar with this system. It should be pointed out that since there are no generally accepted uniform standards and methods of diamond expertise, one and the same stone can be evaluated differently in different laboratories.
The most famous laboratories in the world are:
GIA — laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America in the USA;
EGL — the European Gemological Laboratory in the USA, Israel, Canada, and Belgium;
AGS — the laboratory of the American Gemological Society in Las Vegas, США;
HRD — the Diamond High Council in Antwerp, Belgium;
IGI — the International Gemological Institute in the USA, Belgium, Canada, India, and Japan.